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Elite Hearing Centers in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Florida provide comprehensive hearing aid services to ensure optimal hearing for our patients. We offer everything from hearing tests and insurance processing to hearing aid consultations and hearing aid programming. We put your hearing needs first and customize our treatments for your needs. Our centers go beyond service standards to ensure clear hearing. We're proud to offer free services, including free hearing tests, hearing aid consultations, 30-day trials, hearing aid repairs, and insurance processingSchedule an appointment today!

Hearing Tests and Hearing Aid Consultations
We offer free hearing tests and hearing consultations. During hearing testing, we will determine the extent of hearing loss for each ear, identify any likely causes, and, if needed, discuss hearing aid solutions. During the hearing aid consultation, we will discuss options that include invisible hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids, Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, and more. Some of the more popular brands we carry include Phonak hearing aids, ReSound hearing aids, Signia hearing aids, Widex Hearing Aids, and Starkey hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Insurance
Let us handle your hearing aid insurance processing for peace of mind. Our hearing aid centers are equipped to file claims directly with your hearing aid insurance company to save you time and hassle. We know each state's hearing aid insurance laws and the best ways to get insurance coverage for your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Repairs & Maintenance
We offer hearing aid repairs, including sound issues, battery issues, or damages. If you experience any feedback or physical damage, bring your hearing aids to us for a quick repair. Our audiologists and licensed hearing aid specialists are trained to quickly diagnose and repair your hearing aid issues. Elite Hearing Centers can also professionally clean and maintain your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Programming
We offer hearing aid programming to provide an optimal fit and hearing. Even if you bring hearing aids to us from a different center, we ensure top-notch programming. We program your hearing aids specified to your needs with innovative hearing aid programming software.

Why Choose Elite Hearing Centers of America?

Elite Hearing Centers of America is proud to offer the highest quality services at all our centers. We provide industry-leading products and a satisfaction guarantee. We offer hearing aids at competitive prices with outstanding delivery. Our innovative hearing testing and programming ensure optimal hearing for your specific needs. Our Hearing Aid Specialists and Doctors of Audiology perform comprehensive hearing evaluations, so you have the best possible hearing.

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Elite Hearing Centers of America is ready to help you hear clearly with our superior hearing products and services. We invite you to take our 30-day challenge. You can try any of our hearing ads for free for 30 days to determine if they're the perfect ones for you. We pride ourselves in superior care and finding the best hearing aids for your needs. We offer remote or CDC- and COVID-19-compliant in-person appointments. Come visit us today to check out our hearing aid services!

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