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Having trouble discerning the chirping of birds or the laughter of a loved one? You're not alone. Step into a world where the melody of life is always within reach, where your hearing ability is our top priority. With a strategic presence across South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Florida, Elite Hearing Centers of America is your trusted partner in combating hearing loss. As a leading hearing healthcare provider, we are devoted to enhancing the clarity of sounds that color your everyday life.

No two ears are the same. Our audiology specialists understand this and will develop a bespoke hearing health strategy for you, ensuring every chirp, chat, and cheer is crystal clear. Learn more about our world-class hearing loss treatment services and put your hearing struggles in the past today.

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Let us guide you back to the sounds of life. Elite Hearing Centers of America revolves around expert care and innovative solutions for individuals grappling with hearing loss. We go beyond the traditional approach, using cutting-edge technology and personalized strategies to reclaim your auditory world. Our experienced Doctors of Audiology and Hearing Aid Specialists conduct thorough hearing tests to diagnose and understand the nuances of your hearing loss, no matter your degree of impairment. 

Empower yourself with the following information about hearing loss and reclaim your hearing ability by scheduling a consultation with one of our audiologists today.

A Glimpse at the Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is not a one-size-fits-all condition. There are unique nuances to every individual's hearing health. Let's take a glimpse into the three primary types of hearing loss individuals may encounter:

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

This common type of hearing loss occurs when there's damage to the inner ear or the auditory nerve. Often permanent, it can make soft sounds hard to hear and louder sounds unclear or muffled.

Conductive Hearing Loss

A problem in the outer or middle ear blocking sound to the inner ear constitutes conductive hearing loss. Often temporary, it can make sounds seem faint or muffled.

Mixed Hearing Loss

As the name suggests, mixed hearing loss is a combination of both sensorineural and conductive hearing loss. This occurs when a person has damage in the outer or middle ear and in the inner ear or auditory nerve.

Let’s Look at the Varying Causes of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a complex condition with a myriad of causes. It can stem from prolonged exposure to loud noise, leading to sensorineural hearing loss, or originate from ear infections, ear drum rupture, or even earwax build-up causing conductive hearing loss. Age, certain medications, genetic factors, and illnesses such as meningitis or measles can also play a significant role. Becoming aware of these causes can be your first line of defense in preserving your auditory health.

When to Get a Hearing Test – Recognize the Symptoms

Hearing loss can often happen gradually, and the symptoms may not be immediately apparent. It's vital to know the signs that may indicate a hearing test is due. Pay attention to these symptoms, as they could be your body's way of signaling an auditory issue:

Difficulty Understanding Word

If you often find yourself asking people to repeat themselves or misunderstand what's being said, especially in noisy environments or on the phone, it might be time to consider a hearing test.

Trouble Hearing High-Pitched Sounds

Struggling to hear high-frequency sounds such as doorbells, alarms, or the voices of women and children can also signal hearing loss.

Turning Up the Volume

If you tend to increase the volume on your TV, radio, or personal devices to a level others find uncomfortably loud, this could be a sign of hearing loss.


Experiencing a constant ringing, buzzing, or humming noise in the ears—known as tinnitus—can often accompany hearing loss.

Avoiding Social Situations

Frequently avoiding social interactions due to difficulty hearing or misunderstanding conversations can indicate a problem.

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, don't hesitate to schedule a hearing test with an audiologist at Elite Hearing Centers of America. Remember, early detection can lead to better outcomes and prevent further damage to your hearing health.

Treatment Options – Receive an Individualized Care Plan

Elite Hearing Centers of America

At Elite Hearing Centers of America, we understand that every ear is unique, requiring an individualized treatment approach. Whether it's sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss, or a mix of both, we offer a variety of treatments tailored to fit your unique lifestyle and hearing needs. 

From hearing aids to cochlear implants and beyond, we provide comprehensive solutions to ensure you hear every sound life has to offer. Our audiologists will work closely with you and form an individualized care plan based on your hearing test results and personal preferences. Embrace the world of sounds with customized hearing loss treatment and contact us today to schedule your hearing test and consultation.

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